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About Us

Why Brighton? Because Brighton is multicultural city, with a buzzing atmosphere and vibrant social scene. It is popular with students and tourists alike.

Why Avalon Student Travel? If you want experienced teachers, classrooms with excellent resources combined with accommodation and an activity programme that is as flexible as it is inclusive, then with over 25 years of experience, Avalon Student Travel is the perfect for you.

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Avalon Student Travel, 11 Marlborough Place, Brighton & Hove, BN1 1UB, United Kingdom T: 01273 243395

E: info@avalontravel.co.uk F: 01273 243396

Birghton at night

Evening Activities

Brighton is one of the most vibrant cities in England and as such has an extremely lively and social night life. Combine this with the fact that Brighton is one of the most popular destinations for students, including foreign language students, there is always something happening in Brighton.

As standard we offer a student disco once or twice a week, depending on the time of year, as well as bowling in Brighton Marina, cinema evenings and Karaoke evenings.

On the longer summer nights it is also possible to take advantage of the extra light and get catapulted over 130 ft (40meters) into the air on the beach.

We also offer the opportunity of a course meal at the end of the course choosing for a selection of “local” cuisines such as Fish and Chips, Italian or Indian.